The healing allows you to travel through time and space

The session began with my aura being covered in a beautiful, vibrant white light. The sparkles within the Light was gorgeous. As the session continued, I saw the Archangels, Goddess Athena and my guides releasing stress, and other issues within my energy field, body and chakras. I was stabbed in a past life near my heart. I could see the Light healing the wound with intense pressure. Rainbow colors, someone playing with my toes, and heat were present in my palm chakras as well. It was a beautiful experience.

My energy was lighter as the days went by. The detox process was uneasy. My energy was fluctuating throughout the day, and I had to rely on nuts, etc to keep it up. The merkaba plays an important role during this healing (unity of mind, body and soul) as well as how attuned you are to the spiritual world and dimensions beyond our time and space. When you are open to explore without doubts and hesitation, the energy becomes available to you to help you with what intention you place for the session. Thank you.